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Orbit helps you navigate contracts with Speed & Control using Artificial Intelligence

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Ultria Orbit personifies Ultria’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities, helping you streamline workflows across your contract lifecycle, through timely suggestions, diagnosis, and predictions for error-free and dynamic contracts.

Long contract cycles. Low visibility. High compliance risk. NO MORE.

Artificial Intelligence powered Ultria CLM optimizes, streamlines, and enables simultaneous speed & control in all 6 key stages of a contract’s lifecycle

Experience how Ultria Orbit can make contracting faster, smarter, and seamless across Contract Management Lifecycle.

Orbit’s Artificial Intelligence-driven features can shorten your contract lifecycle considerably and ensure improved accuracy and compliance at every stage. It constantly learns and evolves by accessing the existing contract data to provide you with smart insights and predictions for informed decision making.


Intelligent authoring


Smart clause recommendations


Supervised, automated workflows

Smart Analytics with dynamic dashboards


Effective risk management


Precise meta-data extraction