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You have worked hard to win that deal, but all is not over, until the contract gets signed! This is where Ultria managed app for Salesforce comes in. Ultria’s enterprise contract management software makes managing customer contracts easy and efficient for sales teams by integrating its CLM platform with Salesforce, world’s number 1 CRM platform. This integration enables the sales operations teams to access the Ultria platform’s functionality from within Salesforce.

A Need for Salesforce Integrated Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Salesforce has proved to be a boon for sales teams by integrating and automating processes and acting as a single platform for all Sales and related activities. But when it comes to contracts, Sales teams are still struggling with manual and rudimentary systems that waste a lot of time and effort and expose companies to increased risk.

Now imagine having a Salesforce platform which, apart from simplifying sales activities, also streamlines and automates contracting, becoming a single platform for both sales and contract management. Sounds brilliant, right? Ultria’s CLM for Salesforce does exactly that!

How does it work 

Ultria Contract Management Salesforce Integration Infographic

Advantages of Ultria Salesforce Contract Management App

Initiating a customer contract made easy

Paper work is not the most exciting part of winning a customer, and in absence of the right technology and processes, it could take forever. But with Salesforce integration, sales operations professionals can instantly request for a new customer contract from within Salesforce CRM. By filling in a few key details in a simple form, Ultria’s integrated contract management system auto-populates the right template and routes it to the appropriate stakeholder for approval. This saves considerable time otherwise spent not only in drafting the contract manually but also in managing multiple versions flowing back and forth till the final stamps of approval are exchanged.

Reduced risk, increased lifecycle compliance

Compliance gap is the worst thing that could befall that hard-earned customer relationship. To prevent this, Ultria’s CLM Salesforce integrated contract management app streamlines the contracting process giving better visibility and control at each stage from authoring through renewal. Pre-approved templates ensure all relevant clauses and obligations are covered in the contract, while automated workflows ensure right people are alerted for every change or amendment made to the contract. With pre-configured triggers, all stakeholders are kept in loop both via the Ultria contract management software and via the Salesforce CRM application. Any approaching milestone deadlines, expiries etc. are reported in time to facilitate preventive measures and higher customer satisfaction.

360° view of all contracts

No more logging into different systems to fetch your customer contract details. Ultria contract management app for Salesforce provides a comprehensive view of all customer contracts and related documents in the Salesforce CRM itself. Any amendments or alterations to contracts automatically reflect in the Salesforce app thereby saving precious time of the entire sales team.

Seamless collaboration with all stakeholders

A note here, a comment there and so many people to bring to one page! With Ultria managed app for Salesforce, the sales teams can collaborate with all stakeholders for a contract in a single location. Conversations initiated in Salesforce automatically reflect in the Ultria contract management software and vice-versa. This provides a contextually relevant storehouse of all collaboration history for future use and auditing requirements.