As organizations grow, so do their number of contracts. Manually managing huge volumes of contracts and tracking utilization, compliance, expiries, etc., proves extremely difficult, time-consuming, and harbors inefficiency. This exposes enterprises to multiple financial, legal, and operational risks. However, the right Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool streamlines and optimizes this entire process to achieve the maximum benefits.

This webinar, hosted by Tim Cummins (President, IACCM) and Arthur Raguette (EVP, Ultria), explores how modern technology can be an enabler at each stage of post-signoff contract management, including performance management, expiry and renewal management, regulatory compliance management, and more.

Watch the webinar recording and download the presentation to learn about:

  • The impact of using manual / outdated post-execution contract management methods
  • How technology can be an enabler at each stage of this entire process
  • Business benefits of automating post-execution contract management

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