The latest advancements and fluctuating market trends in the Real Estate industry warrants a focus on boosting bottom-line efficiency by optimizing resources and making process improvements. Valuations remain a key component of financial reporting and banks have become increasingly scrupulous in lending, thereby influencing interest rates as well. Investors are always keen on having a sold exit clause when entering into agreements. The most significant challenges include efficiently managing thousands of lease contracts and gaining insight into costs, yield, and occupancy. Real Estate Contract Management Software can help in tightening scrutiny, alleviating investor fears, complying with regulatory requirements and enhancing customer trust. All of these are areas where risk officers and controllers exert great influence over sales and bottom-line.

Ultria Real Estate Contract Software enables organizations to streamline all contracting processes, reduce risks, and design a better compliance management framework:

  • Create, store, and manage all investor and lease contracts (revisions, conditions, charges, renewals) within a centralized and secure repository.

  • Automate financial processes (rental payments, price escalation and indexation, variable rent and concessions, settlement of service charges).
  • Gain insight into costs, yield, and occupancy (tracking and forecasting) across the contract management lifecycle for your real estate properties.
  • Efficiently manage lease in / out contracts using configurable templates, collaborative authoring, and workflows.
  • Perform search and metadata extraction, track clause-level changes.
  • Control contractual processes and data comprehensively to ensure all compliance documents are valid.
  • Access audit trails for any contract at any time for any changes made to a contract.
  • Design and activate dynamic and standardized workflows with multiple reviewers and approvers, as required.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.
To learn more about how Ultria Contract Management for Real Estate can help your organization, you can engage with us.

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