Transport & Logistics Industry Overview

Transport and logistics industry is on the cusp of a massive technological disruption. It has seen immense growth in the last decade due to the adoption of e-commerce, globalization and increased disposable income. Increased customer expectations, rise of automation, and sophisticated technologies have made it a necessity for companies to adopt digitization in order to survive the ever-evolving market forces.

Contract Management Challenges faced by the T&L industry

With the expansion of the T&L industry, transacting in high volumes of high-value buy-side and sell-side contracts has become the new norm. In handling these contracts companies face a lot of contract management challenges like:

  • Lack of simple, streamlined, automated process to track and analyze contracts and their performances

  • No centralized storage and searchability of legacy contracts

  • No integration between various organizational ERP, CRM systems

  • Extensive contracts drafting on third-party papers

  • Exposure to compliance risks due to fast changing regulations; state, environmental, federal and international obligations

  • Dealing in volatile pricing like fuel prices that are known to fluctuate on a daily basis

  • Delays in review and negotiations due to lack of visibility and accountability

Ultria CLM for the Transport and Logistics industry

Ultria’s Artificial Intelligence powered CLM – Enterprise Contract Management Software for transport & logistics enables organizations to streamline and integrate all contracting processes, reduce risks, and design a better compliance management framework:

  • Centralized, cloud-based contract repository with advanced search options

  • Increased visibility into Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to keep up with the strict packaging and delivery schedule

  • Management of sell rates, benchmark rates, and negotiated carrier rates across locations

  • Artificial intelligence powered contract management to ensure all supporting documents/clauses required for regulatory compliance are valid

  • Smart clause library to ensure inclusion of all updated clauses and state and federal obligations like C-TPAT, Federal Commission Maritime Ruling, ocean regulatory programs, emission standards etc.

  • Legal-approved template library to facilitate error-free self-service drafting of contracts with customers and distribution partners

  • Meta-data and clause extraction for easy and error-proof drafting on third party paper

  • Standardized workflows with multiple reviewers and approvers, with auto-alerts and triggers for faster approvals

  • Auto-tracking of document versions and drafts across the contract negotiation and authoring phases

  • Analytics-driven post-award contract management for increased visibility, accountability and risk and commercials management

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg.
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