Smarter Contract Management. Reimagined!

Done right, AI can do wonders. It can help you elevate your basic CLM to a process efficiency powerhouse. At ACC this year, we explore the endless possibilities of an intelligent, AI-powered CLM and how it can help you drive speed, agility and greater control over your contract lifecycle management process.

Things to do:

1. Say Hello to Ultria’s AI Mascot

Come visit the booth to know more about Ultria’s AI powered CLM, get introduced to our AI Mascot, and how it helps you make the entire lifecycle of contract management, from Request to Post-award Management, simpler, seamless, and faster.

2. ‘Hole in One’ and Win Exciting Prizes

Take a break from all that business talk and join the Ultria team for some much-deserved fun. Get golfing and win exciting premium prizes!

3. Expert-Guided Product Experience

We understand that ‘the proof of the pudding is in eating’. And so, this year our booth not only has product demos on request but also an ‘Expert-guided Product Experience’ where you could get a more up-close rendezvous with the Ultria AI-powered CLM. We invite you to experience our intuitive, intelligent, and innovative solutions and how they can transform your contract management processes.


Date: October 27-30, 2019
Venue: Phoenix Convention Centre



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