Contract Repository

For secured contract storage, search, and access management


Ultria CLM Repository provides secured storage for all contracts, clauses, T&Cs, NDAs, and other supporting documents required by teams to ensure compliance. The repository enables multi-parameter search, dynamic reporting, and configurable dashboards. Users can also set up alerts based on parameters such as contract expiry, contract utilization, and market price fluctuations.

Ultria CLM Contract Repository Offerings


Alerts and reminders

Easily configure contract metadata, alerts, and reminders. Send notifications via SMS/emails to the final approver and bring easy accessibility to the approval process or remind them of the upcoming contract expiries.


Request Portals

Request for new contracts via CRM (e.g. Salesforce), Intranet-style portal, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Enable your licensees, distributors, partners, etc. to request new agreements via Ultria’s External Party Portal.


Centralized storage

Store all contracts and supporting documents in an easily accessible central repository.


User-defined access

Ensure security with granular and user-defined access. Robust data encryption for all contracts with multi-level confidentiality promises enhanced data integrity.


Multi-parameter search

Locate clauses and phrases within contracts more easily with Ultria’s powerful search capabilities. Make contracts easily searchable at any stage of creation or negotiation with the power to add metadata on the fly.


Reports and dashboards

Integration with CRM, ERP, and BI tools ensures access to information in real-time. This information is represented via user-defined reports and dashboards.

Ultria CLM Fulfils Strategic Goals and Operational Objectives of your Organisation


Strategic Goals

Efficient Contract Authoring

Optimization of Internal Resources

Increase Profitability and Minimized Revenue Leakage

Ensuring Compliance

Operational Objectives

Easy and Accelerated Drafting

Standardized and Error-free Contract Language

Integrated with other enterprise system

Enhanced Productivity of Construction Functions

Performance Management

Expiry and Renewal Management

Audit Preparedness

Tracking and Managing Supporting Document


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