Contract Post-award Analytics

For optimum contract utilization, compliance tracking, and risk management


Ultria CLM integrates with CRM, ERP, HRM, and FIM systems to provide real-time insights into contract performance and utilization. It helps mitigate risks associated with erroneous contract terms, non-enforcement of clauses, and missing of contractual obligations. The tool also offers AI-driven risk prediction capability based on clauses used, past performance of similar contracts, and historic data of contracting party.

Contract Post-award Analytics


Performance management

Ensure contract value generation and risk mitigation with the ability to automatically track contract utilization and performance.


CRM and ERP integration

Get a more holistic view of contract performance and its impact on business by Ultria CLM’s integration with external databases and systems such as CRM, ERP, CPQ, and BI tools.


Obligation management

Stay on top of contracts with comprehensive obligation management capabilities. Track and enforce penalty clauses, identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities easily. Delegate the task of tracking specific metrics of a contract to specific users.


Risk profiling

Predict supply and security risks by quantitatively assessing customer and vendor performance. Get AI-driven risk prediction based on clauses used, past performance of similar contracts, and historic data of contracting party.


Renewal Management

Increase visibility into contracts and their expiry/ renewal dates with alerts and reminders. Generate reports to track renewals and export them to a format of your choice. Delegate expiry / renewal management to specific users, removing any ambiguity around ownership.


Regulatory compliance

Store contracts and supporting documents in repository and maintain audit trail. Use clause-level tracking to identify and track contracts to ensure (for example) that all contracts with EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety), or other compliance-related clauses have supporting, valid documents.

Ultria CLM Post-signoff Contract Management

Core Benefits of Post-Signoff Contract Management

  • Identify and correct contract non-performance
  • Use data from existing contracts to build more robust contracts in future
  • Renew only high performing contracts
  • Enforce (and avoid) penalties
  • Leverage volume level discounts
  • Identify supplier consolidation opportunities
  • Threshold trigger notifications for revenue optimization or renegotiations - Entitlement tracking
  • Minimize revenue leakage - Use CLM to “back-up” the CRM & OM process
  • Search for contracts and supporting documents
  • Maintain audit trail
  • Ensure supporting documents are valid
  • Predict supply and security risks—quantitatively assess customer and vendor performance
  • Predict risks based on clauses used, past performance of similar contracts, and historic data of contracting party
  • Heightened visibility throughout
  • Active measurement of contractual obligations
  • Tracking key performance indicators, and
  • Providing visibility into regulatory compliance

Ultria CLM Fulfils Strategic Goals and Operational Objectives of your Organisation


Strategic Goals

Efficient Contract Authoring

Optimization of Internal Resources

Increase Profitability and Minimized Revenue Leakage

Ensuring Compliance

Operational Objectives

Easy and Accelerated Drafting

Standardized and Error-free Contract Language

Integrated with other enterprise system

Enhanced Productivity of Construction Functions

Performance Management

Expiry and Renewal Management

Audit Preparedness

Tracking and Managing Supporting Document


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