Contract Authoring

For accelerated contract creation, negotiation, and approval


Ultria CLM integrates with MS Word to create contracts using templates and clause library. It also provides wizard-based contract authoring for quick contract creation. Standardizing contract language and exercising version control minimizes exposure to legal risks and captures benefits for organizations. Configurable workflows streamline the entire review and approval process.

Ultria CLM Contract Authoring Offerings


Wizard-based authoring

Create contracts easily by drag and drop of required clauses


MS Word plugin

Use the familiar MS Word interface and author contracts collaboratively with Ultria’s proprietary UltriaConnect plugin.


Clause library

Create contracts quickly using Ultria’s comprehensive library of pre-approved clauses including alternate and fallback clauses. Let Ultria suggest the clauses which should be used. For example, a currency fluctuation clause if the vendor is based out of US.


Approval workflows

Configure review-approval workflows with multiple reviewers and approvers, as required. Make the review process efficient with parallel and ad hoc reviews. Users can route workflow to specific users based on specific clause use or clause redlining.


Version tracking

Ensure accurate understanding of the final contract with a side-by-side comparison of all contract versions. Version comparison (one-page / two-page view) brings improved visibility into text modifications.


Configurable templates

Choose pre-approved in-house templates or supplier templates to standardize the contract language. Import third-party contracts and automatically break them down into individual sections and clauses with Ultria’s patented parsing technology.

Ultria CLM Fulfils Strategic Goals and Operational Objectives of your Organisation


Strategic Goals

Efficient Contract Authoring

Optimization of Internal Resources

Increase Profitability and Minimized Revenue Leakage

Ensuring Compliance

Operational Objectives

Easy and Accelerated Drafting

Standardized and Error-free Contract Language

Integrated with other enterprise system

Enhanced Productivity of Construction Functions

Performance Management

Expiry and Renewal Management

Audit Preparedness

Tracking and Managing Supporting Document


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