Ultria Contract Lifecycle Management

Exercise better control over contracts. Maximize contract utilization.



Very few businesses can maintain close control over myriad contracts and their execution. Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management software from Ultria centralizes contract storage, tracks compliance across multiple dimensions, and reduces creation cycle time. Organizations must introduce a collaborative culture of contract management and bring together all contracting functions such as Sales, Legal, and HR, on a common platform. CLM tool’s integration with other enterprise systems like CRM and HRMS allows for a much smoother and scalable contracting process and even speeds up the RoI. This integration is about bringing Contract Management to the edge of the Enterprise.

Ultria can be configured to meet specific enterprise objectives to influence business performance by:


Fostering collaboration at each stage of the contract lifecycle


Accelerating contracting processes and enhancing compliance across multiple legal and government regulatory systems


Enhancing stewardship, security and continuity around important contract documents


Contract Authoring

For accelerated contract creation, negotiation, and approval.

  • MS Word Integration – CLM Access from within MS Word
  • Configurable Templates and 3rd Party Template Parsing
  • Clause Library with Hints and Version Tracking
  • Flexible Review-Approval Workflows
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Contract Repository

For secured contract storage, search, and compliance tracking..

  • Wizard Based
  • Configurable / Personalized Dashboards
  • Highly Granular Repository Search
  • Reporting
  • Multi-parameter search
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Contract Post - Award Analytics

For optimum contract utilization and contract risk management.

  • Integration with Operational Systems Tight or Light
  • Thresholds and Triggers for Notifications
  • Risk Profiling
  • Contract Specific Modeling
  • Expandable for Party or Category Modeling
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Contract Management – With vs Without Technology

The entire contract journey from request to signoff to post-signoff contract management is riddled with ambiguity and errors, and consumes massive amounts of time and effort. However, with the right Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool, this journey can be streamlined and optimized to achieve the maximum benefits.

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This whitepaper walks you through the contract lifecycle and explores how technology can be an enabler at each stage.

Key benefits of using Ultria CLM

  • Shortened cycle time for contract creation and execution
  • Reduced errors and increased legal and revenue team’s productivity
  • Cost benefits with accelerated revenue cycles
  • Higher visibility into contracts and contractual process
  • Improved compliance and control over contractual obligations
  • Enhanced Security
  • Increased collaboration among business functions

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